Danuta claims her ex-husband, John, sexually abused their son and daughter while they were married and says she will continue to protect them from him at all costs.

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Monica, who is now 20, says she wants nothing to do with John because of what she claims he did to her as a child and got a protection order against him to keep him away from her and her daughter.

John denies their allegations and claims Danuta brainwashed both their children. “Clearly this has taken a toll on your children. And everybody sees that. I would think you all do as well,” says Dr. Phil on Monday’s episode.

Reading from the dissolution of marriage documents issued at the former couple’s divorce, he says, “The court finds that each parent, each parent has become so self-involved and self-absorbed that they have lost sight of the physical, emotional, psychiatric, and psychological toll their animosity is having on their children. In this divorce proceeding, the children are truly victims.”

“I had to really work hard in order not to allow him to have sole custody,” claims Danuta. “With his manipulations and his strong personality, I really had to stand up for myself and for my children.”

When Dr. Phil challenges Danuta on several inconsistencies in what her children have told authorities over time regarding the allegations of sexual abuse against their father, how does she respond?

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