David claims his 21-year-old daughter, Danielle, has violent rages, won’t take her prescribed medications, does street drugs and drives while impaired. He claims Danielle has been struggling with mental health issues since the age of 7, and with anger in particular since he divorced her mother when she was a child.

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When Danielle recently spent the night in jail after being arrested for public intoxication, David says one of her friends called to tip him off that he should search her room.

“I went into her room, and I found her marijuana paraphernalia,” says the ex-Marine.

During the search, which was recorded on video, David also discovered something else in Danielle’s bedroom.

“There’s cocaine in my house,” he says. “I struggled with the marijuana use. That broke my heart.” David says he’s way out of his league and doesn’t know what to do to help his daughter.

Danielle says that while she’s tried cocaine in the past, she wasn’t high on it the night she was arrested. She claims she only kept it around “in case maybe one of my friends wanted it.”

Why do David’s girlfriend, Carlijn, and Danielle’s friend, Josh, say David may be partly to blame for his daughter’s behaviors?

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