Lois says that her online fiancé, “Fred Adler,” has been stranded overseas with no access to his personal finances and no means of getting home to the United States. Lois says that shortly after they met on a dating site, “Fred” told her he was stuck in Africa. She says she sent him $300 to book passage on a boat to Jamaica, but ever since he arrived in Kingston, he has been plagued with problems, including being repeatedly robbed, kidnapped by “gangsters,” and detained by Customs for traveling with an expired visa.

Lois, who admits she has been sending money to “Fred Adler” for the past two years to help him survive, says he told her he is currently homeless, living on the streets of Kingston near a wholesale grocery market.

“I’ve spoken to the owners and workers of Ava’s Wholesale limited,” says Dr. Phil field producer Kadie Gordon on assignment in Jamaica. “They have confirmed that they have never heard (of) or seen ‘Fred.’”

When a further investigation of the area in Kingston where “Fred Adler” claims to be staying turns up no sign of him ever having been there, how does Lois respond?

Part one of this two-part episode, ‘“I Disregarded Dr. Phil’s Advice!’,” airs Thursday. Then on Friday’s conclusion,“ Lois Meets “Fred” Face-to-Face: Will She Finally Believe?” Lois meets the real man behind the photographs she’s been told belong to “Fred Adler.” Will that convince her that she’s been the victim of a scam?

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WATCH: Woman Sends Money To Online Fiancé For Two Years. Admits They’ve Never Met

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