Debbie claims that she’s allergic to almost everything. She says that her fear of allergens has caused her to have ritualistic behaviors, including storing her dirty clothes in bags in the dishwasher, washing her dishes in her swimming pool, not allowing her husband in her bedroom and making him take a shower before he can hug her. Debbie also says that she believes her home air and heating unit is the main source of her issues and pain, so she never turns it on.

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To determine if there truly are allergens in Debbie’s house that may be causing her symptoms, and to get Debbie on track to heal herself and her marriage, which is being strained by her OCD-like behavior, Dr. Phil contacted Mold Inspection Sciences to conduct a thorough inspection of Debbie’s home.

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Watch the video above to see what they discovered in her house. Is Debbie’s behavior all in her head, or is there an underlying condition in her home that’s causing her to behave in an unusual manner?

This episode airs Wednesday. Watch more here.

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