Shirley says ever since she kicked her 19-year-old daughter, Marie, out of the house for voting for Hillary Clinton, the teen has been living an immoral and dangerous lifestyle – in sharp contrast to the strict Catholic household in which she was raised. Shirley says Marie, drinks, has been arrested and has become a sugar baby, dating men she meets online for money. Shirley says in the last eight months, her daughter has become a stranger to her.

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Marie says she’s acting like a “normal” teen and that her mom’s judgmental and severe rules drove her to become rebellious.

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Dr. Phil offers Shirley advice for how she can reconnect with Marie. He suggests she meet with Marie for an hour a week for four weeks in a row, in a public place. “You could not discuss one thing of substance, you could not render one judgment about anything that was going on, but you just got to know your daughter again,” he suggests. “You have to choose to not react.”

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