“My mom is not attentive, she’s more concerned about her wants and needs than she is her children’s,” claims 19-year-old Sadie of her mother, Niki. “She wants the title of being a mother but doesn’t want the responsibility of it.”

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“I was inducted into the National Honors Society, I was really excited about the ceremony, and she didn’t show up,” says Skylar, 16.

The teens along with their 14-year-old sister, Zoe, who live with their father, Marcus, claim that Niki neglects them to spend all her time with her new boyfriend, John.

“My relationship with John has put a wedge between my daughters and me,” admits Niki. “It is a very painful thing to feel like you cannot mother your children properly because you wanted a boyfriend.”

Niki claims her daughters gave her an ultimatum, saying, “My girls told me if I don’t break up with John, they’re not going to come over and see me anymore.”

What does she claim she told them in return?

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