Sarah’s family claims she lives a violent, dangerous lifestyle. Claiming she runs drugs, associates with gang members, and prostitutes herself, they say her (then) infant daughter just wasn’t safe in her care, which she strongly denies. Sarah’s father, Jim, he and his wife, Cindy, took temporary custody of the child in 2015. The little girl still lives with them today.

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Sarah says she’s been making progress in her life, claiming she’s ready to get her little girl back. But when her sister reveals the family has been tracking her via GPS and knows everywhere she goes, Sarah walks off the Dr. Phil stage.

In the moments following her departure, Sarah’s Mother, Sharon, describes what she claims she found when she secretly put a GPS tracker on Sarah’s car and started following her daughter’s electronic trail.

“I have discovered my daughter at many hotels, sometimes for weekends, sometimes for an hour, sometimes for a day,” she claims.

When a print out from an “average” day in Sarah’s activities is examined, what does Jim claim police told them it says about her activities?

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‘I’ve Got Some Fight Left In Me Still For My Daughter, And For Myself,’ Says Woman Who Claims Her Family Betrayed Her