After years of being in and out of rehab for his struggle with alcohol, Todd Herzog -- who recently hit rock bottom once again -- says he doesn't expect his family to come to his rescue anymore.

"I've gotten very close to my family. I know they all love me. I can't expect them to stick around because I don't want to hurt them," says Herzog. "My mom's got a brain tumor and my stepdad is out of work. I can't do this to them. I can't hurt them."

WATCH: Dr. Phil To 'Survivor' Todd Herzog: "You Just Don't Ever Surrender To The Disease"

Dr. Phil asks Herzog, who won Survivor: China when he was 22 "Is it just a long way to fall?"

Herzog responds, "Yeah, unfortunately it's a long freaking way to fall, but I'm trying really hard and I want so bad to be OK." Alluding to Dr. Phil's previous attempts to help him, Herzog adds, "I've reached out to a few people and I said, 'I know I need to be on Dr. Phil again' ... I know that he's probably one of the only men on the face of the planet who can do something ... So here I am."

Dr. Phil, who has vowed to never give up on Herzog, tells him: "There's one thing I believe and that is you never surrender to the disease."

WATCH: Dr. Phil's Fight For ‘Survivor’ Todd Herzog Sobriety -- And His Life

Herzog's parents aren't giving up on him either. In the video above, his mom, Shirley, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor, expresses her hopes through tears. "With my tumor and everything it's been so hard," she says. "Everybody tells me to take care of me, but as a mom, you take care of your kids ... I want him well before me. Of course I care about my health, but I want him well. Before anything happens to me, I want to know that he's gotten sober. That's all I want."

Dr. Phil has a plan for Herzog, once again. Watch Wednesday to find out what's next for the family on this challenging journey to sobriety.

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