Kelly says her daughter Danielle used to be a vibrant young woman who loved life, had ambitions and devoted herself to her three children and loving boyfriend.

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However, Kelly claims a year ago, almost overnight, Danielle became a health-obsessed hypochondriac. She says her daughter spends her days monitoring her vital signs, has visited 27 doctors and has been to the ER 40 times. She says she can no longer drive, go to work or take care of her children by herself.

So what caused Danielle’s sudden change? Kelly says it may be related to events that took place while she was pregnant.

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“While she was pregnant, she found out that she had BRCA positive, and I think that kind of scared her,” Kelly tells Dr. Phil in the video above from Friday’s episode.

Watch the video to hear more about Danielle’s situation. And hear from Danielle, who says doctors are unable to diagnose her. Is she really sick? Have doctors just missed the underlying cause of all her problems? Check here to see where you can watch.

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