Preacher Jordan Reichenberger says he spent five days living with members of the Church of Wells at the religious organization’s property in rural Texas late 2016. The group has been accused of brainwashing its members and forcing them to sever ties with their families; claims church leaders adamantly deny.

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Jordan says he met two members of the church while practicing his own street ministry in downtown Austin on Halloween. He then agreed to drive with them to the Church of Wells compound 200 miles away.

Jordan describes a number of practices he witnessed at the church, including segregation of men and women, that he claims were “becoming pretty suspect.”

“Did you have contact with the outside world while you were there?” Dr. Phil asks on Friday’s episode.

“I did, but it was, it was very spotted,” Jordan replies.

Continuing, he says, “They had computers and phones. And they, they even showed me their website while I was there, some of their videos, but it was all propaganda and things like that.”

Jordan credits his family with helping him to walk away from the Church of Wells.

What’s his response when Dr. Phil asks, “How long was it before you started to kind of come out and see things clearly?”

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