Josh says he thinks his pregnant girlfriend, Rebecca, is perfect physically but needs help when it comes to being a mother and wife. He admits he has specific and high demands for her, like keeping a spotless home, taking care of the children and putting supper on the table when he gets home from work, and says he’s trying to teach Rebecca how to do her “job” better.

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Rebecca says Josh, whom she calls her fiancée because she hopes to marry him one day, is a “controlling narcissist” who always makes her feel like nothing she ever does is good enough for him. But she says she wants Dr. Phil to help them fix their relationship.

In the video above, hear part of an argument that took place in front of their 18-month-old daughter at 3 a.m. the night before they appeared on the Dr. Phil show.

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“It seems to me like you two are mutually defining a very combative relationship in a very negative way,” Dr. Phil tells them.

Can this couple repair their relationship – and should they. See what Dr. Phil thinks on Friday's episode.

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