Jerry, an admitted heroin and crack cocaine addict, says that when his father doesn’t give him money to support his 20-bag-a-day heroin habit, he resorts to stealing. He says he’s stolen from his family, convenience stores and even his young child.

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“One of the things I’m most ashamed of is selling some of my son’s toys for heroin,” Jerry Jr. says.

The young man says that in the past three-to-six months, he has spent $150,000 on drugs.

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“I’ve made deals with some of my drug dealers that if I could recommend new customers to them they would give me some drugs for free as a finder’s fee,” Jerry Jr. says.

In the video above, hear how else Jerry Jr. has gotten money to support his drug habit. Is Jerry, who says he’s tired and worn down, ready to finally get clean? See what happens on Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil.

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Admitted Heroin Addict Says Addiction Is ‘Spiraling Down,’ ‘Reaching The Bitter End’