A 14-year-old and her 11-year-old sister describe what they’ve lived through growing up in a house cluttered with things, including piles of laundry, dirty dishes covering countertops, and ants roaming the kitchen.
“My parents argue about the groceries, the bills, and the condition of the house,” says the 14-year-old. “When I hear them argue, it makes me really upset.”

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Her younger sister adds, “My parents are always yelling at each other in front of my sister and me … When my dad and sister argue, they’ll end up hitting each other.”

Their mom, Christy, says her 14-year-old has started to cut herself, and her 11-year-old has gained weight due to the turmoil at home.

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“My mom’s really nice, but she does have a temper,” the 11-year-old continues. “I think my parents separating is a good idea. My dad did ask me if I want to go with him or my mom, and I said that I wanted to go with both of them, but he said I had to pick one.”
Hear Christy and her husband, Ernest’s, response to their daughters in the video above.
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