Bethany says she survived 10 days in a medically induced coma, and open-heart surgery - both the result of complications from IV drug use. Since leaving the hospital, the self-confessed heroin addict says she’s been snorting the drug instead of injecting it and continues to get high up to five times a day.


Bethany claims nothing is more important to her than heroin and says she’ll do almost anything to support her habit. “I have not been an escort or a prostitute, but I’ve done sexual favors for guys in order to get drugs.” She says she worked at a strip-club for five years. “It was pretty easy money,” says Bethany, noting her family isn’t aware of her past employment.

While she denies selling drugs or stealing money from her family, Bethany admits to selling her car, doing favors for her drug dealer and taking expensive items from her mother to sell in order to buy drugs. She also says she and some friends once took a large sum of money from an older man who was helping them out.

“Just heartbreaking to hear that she’s been willing to go to the extent for money, just to support her habit,” says Bethany’s mother, Charlotte, on Wednesday’s Dr. Phil. “She told me she wouldn’t do that. She wouldn’t, you know, she wouldn’t lie and ‘I’m really not lying’ - and yet - she was.”

The family claims Charlotte has enabled Bethany in her addiction for years. Does she say she’s ready to stop?

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