Shawn Grate, 41, was convicted on May 7, 2018, of aggravated murder and kidnapping in the 2016 strangulation deaths of Stacey Stanley and Elizabeth Griffith. Grate also agreed to a plea deal on 15 additional charges, including kidnapping and abuse of a corpse. Shortly after his arrest in September 2016, Grate admitting to killing three additional women, however, he has not been charged at this time.

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As of airtime, Shawn Grate’s trial had entered the penalty phase. On May 18, 2018, the jury recommended that Shawn Grate receive the death penalty for his crimes. The presiding judge may either accept their recommendation for execution or sentence Grate to life in prison. The judge is scheduled to render his decision June 1.

In the video above, Shawn Grate’s ex-wife, Amber, to whom he was married from December 2011 – December 2012, expresses her thoughts about the verdict.

“I didn’t feel a relief or anything, because I’m not going to give Shawn power over myself or my child anymore,” she says.

WATCH: Ex-Wife Of Convicted Serial Killer Shawn Grate Says She Doesn’t Know What To Tell Their Child

What does she say she’s done to move past this chapter in her life?

Check here to find out where you can watch Dr. Phil’s exclusive daytime interview with Amber Bowman airing Friday.

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‘It Was His Way Or No Way,’ Says Ex-Wife Of Convicted Serial Killer Shawn Grate