Zona claims that she’s been pregnant for nearly four years with what she calls a cryptic pregnancy. She says that even though she had her tubes tied when she was 20, she’s “1,000 percent certain” that she is pregnant with six babies. She says she has pregnancy symptoms and is extremely frustrated that doctors don’t believe her.

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Zona says one of the reasons doctors can’t find her babies is that her anatomy is different. She claims she has more than one vagina and more than one uterus, and that she is actually pregnant in the uterus on her back.

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On Tuesday's episode of Dr. Phil, OB-GYN Thais Aliabadi, one of the country’s leading OB-GYNs, shares what she learned after examining Zona. Did she find Zona’s anatomy to be unusual? And, hear what she tells Zona about her claims that she’s heard babies' heartbeats.

On Tuesday’s episode, hear from another woman who claims she’s had a cryptic pregnancy for a little over a year. Will these women get answers to their unusual medical condition? Check here to see where you can watch.

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Woman Who Claims To Be Pregnant For More Than A Year Says She Doesn’t Believe Medical Tests That Say Otherwise