Jordan says her eating disorder has torn apart her relationship with her mother, Angela. Jordan, who is 5’6” and 75 pounds, claims that she continues to restrict food to spite her mother. She claims her mother, who has guardianship over her, controls every aspect of her life.

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“I still feel that you guys think however long it’s been I’ve had it that I just need to be over it, when in fact, it’s been at its worst, so I need some understanding,” Jordan tells her mother and stepfather. “I get how exhausting it is, but at the same time, like, I wish you knew the battle that was going on inside me.”

The 23-year-old says she wants the freedom to choose her friends and what she does during the day. “I just feel like let me have some control and learn from my mistakes, and I’m hoping I do,” she continues.

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Dr. Phil reiterates to Angela that she needs to stop enabling her daughter. “She’s telling you her currency is attention. Her currency is shock value. And she’s doing bad behavior to get it,” he says. “You just don't reward bad behavior.”

Hear more in the video above. And on Tuesday, hear why Jordan’s family has concerns about the boyfriend she has turned to for support, including the shocking details about why Bob and Angela want this young man far away from their daughter. Check here to see where you can watch.

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