Destoni says when she gets angry, she acts out and says whatever comes to her mind. She admits that she has chased her sister with a butcher knife, spread rumors about teachers at school and even threatened to shoot teachers and students.

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On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil drills down to determine why the 14-year-old thinks she has the right to behave in this manner. “What are you so afraid of?” he asks the teen.

“I didn’t say I was afraid of anything,” she replies.

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“But you’re behaving in a very fearful way,” Dr. Phil points out. “Your attitude, your behavior is, ‘I’m going to get them before they get me’ … You have 1,000 choices that you could choose, and you choose this one consistently is to attack people verbally, alienate them, push them away, call them names and distance yourself from them. That’s not an accident that that’s a pattern. So, you’re afraid of something.”

Hear more of their discussion in the video above, including why Dr. Phil says he believes she is “unsocialized" and "immature.”

This show airs Monday. Watch more here. And on Tuesday, Destoni comes face to face with a group of her peers. Plus, see what happens when Dr. Phil offers her help. Check here to see where you can watch.

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