Exes Sandra and Joey were in a bitter custody battle with accusations ranging from physical abuse and poisoning ice cream, to feeding their girls moldy food and teaching them how to steal. Sandra even accused Joey of sexually molesting one of their daughters, and putting the other in a garbage bag full of rocks, dumping her in the bathtub and then turning on the water. When they first appeared on the show, Joey took – and passed – a polygraph that indicated he was being truthful when he denied ever molesting one of his children.

Joey also absolutely denies the other allegations, calls them “outrageous” and accuses Sandra of coaching the girls to make up what he calls “outlandish lies.”

Linda, Sandra’s neighbor, says that she didn’t know who to believe and first wrote to Dr. Phil to get answers.

WATCH: Mom Accused of Coaching Daughters To Lie About Ex Comes Back To Explain Her Story

Sandra maintains she is not coaching their daughters, and in fact, calls them ‘liars’, and absolutely says that she did not continue to make allegations against Joey.

Watch the video above to find out what upsets Sandra and causes her to walk off stage.

Will Sandra, who again agreed to take a polygraph, return? Tune in Tuesday.