Karla claims she connected with actor/director and philanthropist Tyler Perry through social media several years ago and has been married to the movie star for nearly three years.

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Her daughters, Kelly and Kourtney, claim that Karla is being scammed by a catfish who has conned their mother out of almost $100,000; and whom they say she has never met in person.

Karla, who adamantly denies being scammed, acknowledges that she and her online love have never met face-to-face, and admits they’ve never video chatted or even spoken on the phone. She claims they chat online and text daily.

Dr. Phil tells Karla that the phone number that “Tyler” is texting her from is not attached to a service provider. “There’s no physical address,” he says.

When Dr. Phil, who is a personal friend to the entertainer, reveals, “I have his personal cell phone number, and it isn’t any of the numbers that you have,” how does Karla respond?

Part one of a two-part episode airs Wednesday. Check your local listing here.


What Dr. Phil Reveals About Texts Written To Woman Who Believes She’s Communicating With Tyler Perry