Karla claims she’s married to film star and “Madea” creator Tyler Perry, whom she says she met on social media several years ago. Though she acknowledges the two have never met face-to-face, Karla insists they share three biological children, including her daughter, Kelly, and Perry’s 3-year-old son.

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Kelly and her sister, Kourtney, claim their mother is being catfished by someone who they believe is impersonating the multi-millionaire online. The sisters say Karla became vulnerable to the deception following her divorce from their father several years ago and claim she has been duped out of nearly $100,000 by an internet scammer she’s never even spoken to on the phone.

In part one of a two-part episode, Dr. Phil reviews several romantic passages Karla claims were texted to her by her online love. Revealing that some of them were found to be used by internet scammers, he tells her, “They weren’t written by the person who’s telling you he’s Tyler Perry. They’re written by different sources and put on a site where someone that is communicating can go cut and paste something and send it to someone because they’ve proven to be effective.”

Does Karla accept Dr. Phil’s evidence that the texts she received were not written by the “real” Tyler Perry? Watch the video above, then check here to find out where you can tune in to Wednesday’s Dr. Phil.

On Friday, learn if Karla is ready to consider that she might be the victim of a catfishing scheme.


Sisters Claim Their Mom Is Being Catfished By A Person Pretending to Be Tyler Perry