Vanessa says after she got a Hepatitis B shot in 2009, she immediately felt sick and started having constant panic attacks. Now, she says she is physically and mentally afraid of food and fears that if she eats most things, she will choke and die.

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“It’s just a phobia,” she tells Dr. Phil on Friday's episode, asking for help. “I know that this is all in my head.”

Dr. Phil explains to the young woman what may be triggering her behavior.

WATCH: A Day In The Life Of A Woman Who Says She Is Physically And Mentally Afraid Of Most Food

“For every thought you have, there’s a physiological event that goes along with it, and your internal dialogue right now is horrifying. Your internal dialogue is that the world is full of things that will kill you if they get inside your mouth,” he says. “You are having a lot of anxiety. And you said it’s just a phobia. I have the opinion that there’s only one phobia and that’s the fear of losing or being out of control.”

Hear more in the video above, including how Vanessa’s symptoms may be related to a lack of control in her life over the years. And, Dr. Phil offers Vanessa an opportunity to seek treatment. Will she agree to go? This episode airs Friday. Watch more here.

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