Bailey says she believes she has been in a relationship with Jasmine for the last eight months. The 21-year-old says that even though they’ve never spoken or met, she’s in love with Jasmine and she’s the “most spectacular” woman she’s ever known.

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Jasmine, however, says that she doesn’t know Bailey, they are not in a relationship and that she wants Bailey to stop bombarding her with hundreds of messages and pictures.

Dr. Phil delves into Bailey’s past to see what may be causing the young woman to live in a fantasy world where she believes this relationship is real.

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“I think there have been some traumas that you have experienced,” he tells Bailey, listing numerous times she says she was violated. “Sometimes, as a defense mechanism, we do what’s called dissociate, and we decide it’s much safer if we just kind of live in our heads a little bit. We kind of escape into a fantasy that can’t hurt you ... so there’s not a lot of risk in it because you’re controlling all of the narrative, and you start to interpret things to support your belief that just aren’t true.”

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Watch more of Dr. Phil’s thoughts in the video above, and hear Bailey’s response. And on Tuesday’s episode, see what happens when Bailey and Jasmine meet face-to-face for the first time. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Woman Who Was Bombarded With Hundreds Of Messages And Photos From Someone Who Claimed To Be In Love With Her Gets Advice From Dr. Phil