Nick writes and performs music in a style he calls “murder rap.” The 37-year-old dresses as a horrorcore inspired clown and creates videos under the stage name “King Krimzon.”

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His wife, Melissa, says Nick quit working in construction to pursue his rap career, leaving her to support their family. She claims they are behind on all their bills and their cars are in danger of being repossessed. Melissa says if Nick doesn’t give up his “obsession,” with performing as King Krimzon, and get a job outside the home, she’ll file for divorce.

On Thursday’s Dr. Phil, horrorcore hip-hop artists Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope of the Insane Clown Posse take time out from their current tour to talk to Nick.

“Your dream is definitely important, but not at the cost of all that love you,” says Violent J. “Not when it’s coming out of your wife’s hard work,” he continues “What about her dreams, what about her happiness? You know what I mean?”

How does Nick respond when Violent J. says he is “seriously lacking in talent”?

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