“White privilege” is a highly-debated topic that needs to be discussed, but often, nobody wants to talk about it. The term is used on the news frequently, and many believe it means that all Caucasians are racist -- a huge misconception.

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So what does this term, that has divided the country, really mean? And what can people on both sides of privilege do to eliminate the problem?

Dr. Phil is joined by a panel of experts – Alonzo Bodden, comedian of social and political commentary; Tommy Norman, Arkansas police officer; Dr. Areva Martin, civil rights attorney; Dr. Laura Gomez, professor at UCLA School of Law; Dr. Peggy McIntosh, senior research scientist at Wellesley Center for Women; Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, professor of sociology at Georgetown University; and Dr. Nancy Wang Yuen, associate professor of sociology at Biola University – to delve deep into this controversial topic.

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Watch the video above to learn what the term “white privilege” means. And, Dr. Phil reviews four statements that help determine if you have “white privilege.” Can you relate to them?

And, on Thursday’s episode, hear from a woman who claims she was wrongly accused of using her “white privilege,” and a man who made headlines after claiming he was singled out and attacked at a pizzeria. Check here to see where you can watch.

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