Cindy and Jim say they are fed up with their 35-year-old son, Brandon, who lives with them. They say he’s a moocher who refuses to get a job, sleeps all day and has destroyed their house with spray paint. They also say he wears superhero costumes and claims to go on vigilante missions. The parents say living with their entitled son has become unbearable and they are at their wits’ end.

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In the video above, Dr. Phil points out how he believes Cindy and Jim are enabling their son to continue to behave as he does. He explains that enabling means make something possible, practical or easy for someone to do or be, that often perpetuates a problem rather than solves it.

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“When we say something, we’re talking about a set of behaviors that are counterproductive for his progress in life,” Dr. Phil explains. “He calls it creative; you call it immature and unproductive. Whatever. But it certainly is not getting him what he wants and it’s not getting what you might want for him.

Dr. Phil continues. “He’s got a roof over his head. He’s got three hots and a cot. He’s got spray paint and a place to do it. He doesn’t have to get a job because he’s financed.”

Does Brandon want to change? Watch more from this episode here.

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