Janyce says that ever since her youngest child moved to Hollywood a few years ago, their relationship has basically been nonexistent. She says when they do communicate, it’s often via social media, and that’s where she found out the 22-year-old is transgender – and working as a prostitute.

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“I was sick. I literally got sick. I became angry. I cried. I screamed. I was disgusted, embarrassed – all of the above,” Janyce tells Dr. Phil about learning that her transgender daughter Hope is working as an escort.

Janyce says Hope, who was born Chance, came out as gay at 16 and shortly thereafter started skipping school, drinking alcohol and smoking pot. She says after graduating high school, Chance started smoking meth and getting involved in drugs, and that his “life was spiraling out of control.” She says shortly after Chance moved to Hollywood and she learned Chance was transgender.

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“He started to change in a way that I never saw coming. He started wearing short shorts, and crop tops and girl sandals, so I made a comment on social media and my comment was: ‘Why are you dressing like a girl?’” Janyce says. “Chance told me he was now transgender.” Watch more of her story here.

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In the video above, see the social media exchanges between Janyce and Hope when Janyce says she learned about how Hope supports herself, and hear why Janyce says she feels helpless. On Tuesday’s episode, Janyce and Hope see each other for the first time in six months. Check here to see where you can watch.

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