Katie, 18, says she’s been caught in the middle of her dad and step mom’s drama and fighting since they divorced nine years ago. Her stepmom, Adriane, whom she calls Mom, remarried nine years ago and has been raising Katie’s two siblings. Adriane has been diagnosed with incurable cancer and wants the two children to remain with her new husband, John, not their biological father, Katie’s dad, Rick. Rick is adamant that he is the father and should have custody of the children. Adriane and John have a contentious relationship with Rick, and Katie says she often finds herself caught in the middle. Watch their story here.

“This situation has torn my family apart and it does hurt me very much,” Katie says in the video above. “Sometimes, I feel like I’m the only adult in this situation.” The teen says she’s mad at all three adults for involving her younger siblings in the drama, because she knows what it’s like to be caught in the middle.

“I’m very angry. I’m very angry at all of you,” she tells them. “Until you guys accept what you’ve done wrong, you’re not going to move past this. We’re not going to have a great family together. We’re not going to have a good bond together.”

As the two men confront each other, Katie hangs her head down and says, “This what I see every day, every day until I left for college, so I don’t go home, and this is why.”

Can Dr. Phil help this family come to a compromise when it comes to the best interest of the children? Watch more here.