“I’ve absolutely been raised in chaos,” says 19-year-old Joe. “My house was more than stressful. I throw up just from the stress.”

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Joe’s parents, Trever and Cindy, admit that their 16-year marriage has been filled with screaming, calls to police, bruises and a broken nose.

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Joe says that he has witnessed his parents fighting and his father hit his mother. He also says that his dad has been physical with him.

“My dad has come at me with knives before,” Joe says. “I feel like my dad is cruel and evil. I feel like my dad definitely has something mentally wrong with him.”

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Joe says the night before taping with Dr. Phil, his father pushed him until he mentally broke down. “I started crying. He already told me multiple times to die,” Joe claims.

The teen says he sees no reason for his parents to stay married.

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“What I want is how my life should have been,” Joe says. “I’m beyond angry with him. I honestly hate him with a passion.”

In the video above, Joe describes an incident where he claims his father tried to stab him – an accusation Trever adamantly denies. Can Dr. Phil help this family calm the chaos? This episode airs Wednesday. Watch more here.

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