Scott’s family claims that he is an “out-of-control alcoholic” who they claim puts his life and the lives of others in danger. His wife, Megan, claims that for the last five years, he’s been a “drunken, incorrigible, alcoholic mess,” and says it’s a miracle that Scott is still alive, especially after a fall down a flight of stairs left him with a broken neck and in a coma for 22 days. His stepdaughter, Kendall, claims that while intoxicated, Scott drove his car the wrong direction on the highway toward her family’s car, and his daughter, Jordan, says her childhood was ruined because her father was often drunk or hungover. After five rehabs and over 40 hospital stays, the family is desperate for Scott to get help and turn his life around.

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Scott says he realizes the toll his drinking is taking on his family but insists he can get it under control. He says his drinking has only become out of control the last five years, and he wants to figure out why he drinks to excess.

In the video above, Dr. Phil explains what he thinks may be contributing to Scott's behavior. And he tells Scott what he needs to do to help get his life back on track. Is Scott ready to change?

This episode of Dr. Phil, “22 Days in a Coma, 5 Stints in Rehab, 2 DUIs, 1 Wedding, and a Fed Up Wife!” airs Tuesday. Watch more here.