Sisters Hilary and Heather claim their father, Carl, has Munchausen syndrome. They claim he lies about having cancer and heart attacks that he is a master manipulator and that his constant need for help with unfounded medical conditions is tearing apart their family.

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After speaking with the family and reviewing Carl’s medical records, Dr. Phil says there are four possibilities as to why Carl may say he is extremely sick. Hear his explanation in the video above. And, he offers the sisters advice for communicating with their father.

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“You need to take care of yourselves,” Dr. Phil tells the women. “Whatever’s going on here is way above your skill set. You’re not trained for this. You don’t have the sensitivities, the understanding to deal with this. So, you couldn’t fix it if you wanted to.”

On Monday’s episode, Dr. Phil offers Carl a plan to get his life back on track and to help the family move forward. Check here to see where you can watch.

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