Willow says that she has physically, mentally, and verbally abused her mother almost every day for the last five years. The 15-year-old says she feels like “lava boiling up,” and she is set off when people tell her "no." Her house has become so chaotic that her younger brother is now living with their grandmother.
“My sister could be really nice and then all of a sudden, she can be really mean, going crazy,” the 12-year-old says. “She has slapped me before, and punched me, and kicked me. At times, she will act like she’s going to throw a knife at me.”

Willow admits that she rages against everyone who loves her “because they are there.”
“Your rage is justified,” Dr. Phil tells the teen who claims she was violated as a child. Hear Dr. Phil’s explanation in the video above.
Does Willow want to change? See what happens on Tuesday’s episode, "'My Teen is So Bad, I Called DCFS on Myself!'" Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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