Mike admits that he has anger issues and has hit his girlfriend, Keirsten. But, he claims she is the one with the anger issues and has come at him in an aggressive manner, and he is often afraid and in defense mode.

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After Dr. Phil tells him, “You don’t ever, never, ever, put your hands on a woman in anger, ever,” he questions Mike to determine what may be driving him to get physical with Keirsten. He asks, “Do you get scared in relationships? Do you get afraid that people are going to leave you, that she’s going to get somebody else?”

“Yes,” Mike admits.

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“What is it you believe about yourself that makes you feel that people want to leave you?” Dr. Phil continues.

“I just know there’s always somebody better out there,” Mike says. “There’s always going to be better options out there.”

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“So you think if you control her enough, you keep her contained enough, she won’t be tempted?” Dr. Phil asks, noting that there’s nothing he can do to “contain” Keirsten. “What you can do is make them want to stay.”

On Monday's show, Dr. Phil offers the couple advice on what he believes they must do to have a chance of saving their relationship. Will they agree? Check here to see where you can watch.

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