When Katelyn was five years old, she was diagnosed with leukemia. And around age 10, her parents divorced. Now, at 19, she’s homeless, lives a “thug” lifestyle, according to her family, and has had run-ins with the law, including being involved in a drive-by shooting.

Dr. Phil explains to the teen how her unsettled childhood may be influencing her behavior now – and why her coping skills need to change.

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“At one level, you think your way of being in the world works for you because you think it protects you. But it also leaves you pretty lonely,” Dr. Phil points out. “You can be behind this wall, and you think, ‘I’m safe back here. If I come out, you know, I might get hurt, so let’s stay behind the wall.’ Let me tell you, if you stay behind the wall, you’re guaranteed to be hurt, because you’re going to be lonely, and you’re going to get depressed, and it’s going to be bad, and you’re going to self-medicate, and it’s going to be bad news bears. If you come out, you might get hurt, but you might also get big, big rewards.”

Hear more of Dr. Phil's advice in the video above. Is Kate ready to change her behavior and lifestyle? Check here to see where you can watch Tuesday’s episode.

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