What motivates a school shooter? Sociologist and co-author of “The Violence Project: How to Stop a Mass Shooting Epidemic,” Dr. James Densley says it’s a tricky conversation to have because it’s important not to glorify the actions of the perpetrators.

“We know that there are shooters that are seeking notoriety, whether in life or in death, and they are inspired by the actions of other shooters that have gone before them,” says Dr. Densley, noting that in some cases, it’s more than just a “copy-cat” effect.

“There is this contagion aspect of both fame-seeking but also feeling part of something bigger because they feel like the world has ignored them, and now they’re trying to get everybody to pay attention,” he says.

School shootings won’t stop but are there effective strategies to slow them down? Dr. Densley, along with psychologist Dr. Jillian Peterson, and Rudy Perez, president of the National Association of School Resource Officers, join Dr. Phil on Thursday’s episode, “School Shooters: Is There a Solution?” Plus, hear from the mother of a school shooting victim at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas.

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