Ebby Steppach disappeared on October 25, 2015, from Little Rock. Five days later, her car was found in a park, key in ignition, out of gas and with a dead battery.

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Guy Hooper, a park security guard who reported Ebby’s abandoned car, claims that he saw Ebby in the park three times before she vanished – each time with young men and one time, “hugging and kissing” one man.

During an interview with Crime Watch Daily, Hooper identified two men that he claims he saw with Ebby – both of whom were arrested in an unrelated trafficking bust in Louisiana.

Ebby’s mom, Laurie, and stepdad, Michael, claim that when they first mentioned the arrest to law enforcement, they refused to interview the men in regards to Ebby’s disappearance.

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“The first crew of law enforcement we had on the case said, ‘Why? There’s no reason to go talk to them. Can you tell us that she knows them?’ And I said, ‘Because he’s from Little Rock. There’s sex trafficking involved. Why won’t you go talk to them?’” Laurie says. She adds that once she started communicating with the Assistant Chief of Police, they ended up interviewing the two men and others that were arrested in the sting – but she says she and Michael have never learned the results of the interview.

What happened to 18-year-old Ebby? On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear what was found in her car that leads Laurie to believe her daughter was taken. Check here to see where you can watch.

Ebby Steppach remains missing. If you have any information, please call Detective Tommy Hudson at the Little Rock Police Department at (501) 404-3128. Or, call the Little Rock tip line: (501) 371-4660 or the Halos Investigations: (662) 420-6518.

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