Former high school cheerleader Alyssa Hatcher was arrested in September 2019 for trying to hire two people to kill her mom and stepdad, Tammy Hatcher Scheller and Mike Scheller. The Florida high school student allegedly stole more than $1,400 from her parents’ bank account to pay them and also to buy cocaine.

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“She’s kind of got tied up with the use of drugs and alcohol, and her life has just taken a downward spiral in the last eight months,” Tammy tells Dr. Phil in an exclusive interview airing Thursday. “She went from being happy and healthy, and being involved in her school, being involved with her family to the complete opposite.”

WATCH: Why Do Parents Say They Believe Teen Daughter Tried To Hire People To Kill Them

In the video above, Mike reveals how he says he found out about Alyssa’s plot to kill him and his wife. And, hear how the parents reacted after learning of their daughter’s plans.
Why did the teen want them dead? And, will she face decades in prison? Check here to see where you can watch Thursday’s episode.