Sixteen-year-old Mikaydyn Payne, a tenth-grader from Clio, Michigan is one of five teenage boys charged with killing the father of four Kenneth White in October 2018, when the teens allegedly dropped a six-pound rock off an overpass and onto the car he was riding in. All five teens have pleaded not guilty to charges of second-degree murder.

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Mikaydyn’s father, Michael, claims his son would never have participated in any alleged activity if he’d known someone would lose their life. In a Dr. Phil exclusive airing Wednesday, Michael tells Dr. Phil what he wants to say to Kenneth's White's family. "I’d like to ask if they could please accept our apologies and we hope that they can someday be able to forgive the incident,” he says.

Of his son, Mikaydyn, he says, “I would like them to know that this is not a murderer. He is not a problem child. This is not this character that would set out to go and try to destroy somebody’s life.”

“The White family’s very angry and they have every right to be," says Mikaydyn Payne’s attorney Michael Manly. “That’s very natural.”

When Manly says he’s seeking “a fair resolution” for both the White family and his client, what does he say he has in mind?

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Dad Of Teen Accused In Michigan Highway Rock-Throwing Death Speaks Out