Amethyst says that when she and her daughter, Kyrah, moved into their first apartment, she promised the then 5-year-old that it would be just the two of them. A year later, says Amethyst, her now-husband, Dustin, came along.

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“I lied to her,” admits Amethyst, who says Kyrah didn’t meet Dustin until he moved in with them. Soon afterward, Amethyst and Dustin expanded their family with three brothers for Kyrah.

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Dustin and Amethyst say that Kyrah started running away from home at age 10, and at 15, has run away nine times so far.

How does Amethyst respond when Dr. Phil asks, “You’ve got all these boys and you, and then she’s sitting on the outside, and this is a revelation to you?”

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