While the United States is the most developed and wealthiest country in the world, one area where it’s falling behind is in the education system. According to OECD’s PISA 2018 international world rankings of developed nations, the U.S. ranked 13 in reading, 18 in science, and 37 in math out of 79 countries.
“That’s shockingly bad. That’s disturbing,” Dr. Phil says on Tuesday’s episode, “Dumbing Down America.”

Nick Giordano, professor of political science at Suffolk County Community College in New York and a Higher Education Fellow with the Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform, says he’s seen the decline firsthand.
“The United States actually ranks 25 amongst all developed nations when it comes to education in reading, math and science combined. We just declined for the fifth year in a row when it comes to our university institutions on a worldwide ranking scale,” Nick says. “We’ve created a system where we’re just cycling students through the system.”
In the video above, hear what Giordano says he believes is contributing to the downfall of the education system in the United States.
On Tuesday, Dr. Phil discusses the teacher shortage and new laws in states like Arizona that put teachers with non-traditional backgrounds in classrooms. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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