Twenty-five-years-ago, Geraldine left her three young sons and moved across the country to start a new family. She says she wanted to take her boys with her and made an effort to parent them from afar, but admits that she missed out on many events in their lives.


“It was the worst decision I’ve ever made in my entire life,” Geraldine tells Dr. Phil in the video above from Tuesday's episode.

“Then why are you defending it?” Dr. Phil asks her.

“Because I want to move on,” she replies.

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Her sons say they have never forgiven their mom for leaving them and want an apology that doesn't come with an excuse.

“You can’t move on without acknowledging it in the first time,” her son Sean tells her. “Any time there’s ever any apology, there was always a but. You’ve got to own it.”

Watch more of the heated exchange in the video above, as Dr. Phil explains to Geraldine how her sons may have internalized her actions. Check here to see where you can watch Tuesday's episode.

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Dr. Phil Questions Woman’s Explanations For Why She Left Three Sons When They Were Young