LaTonya says that while she was dating Randy, he pursued her. She says he would call her and tell her he wanted to be with her, and she says he told her he loved her just weeks after they met. She says she thought things were going so well, she was ready to introduce him to her family.

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That’s when she says things took a turn, and Randy broke up with her over voicemail.

“Our relationship was primarily sexual. Once we became intimate, I knew I had control,” Randy says. “After the breakup, I knew she would handle it bad, but I didn’t think she would act out as much as she did … She wasn’t ready to let go.”

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It’s been a year since Randy and LaTonya have seen each other. On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, they come face-to-face.
“What was the point of coming into my life just to cheat on me and leave me?” LaTonya asks Randy.
Hear his response in the video above. And, is LaTonya ready to move on from Randy now? See what she says.
This episode airs Tuesday. Watch more here.