Splendor and her husband, Jeremie, say they are worried about her daughter, Jazmon’s, safety and are terrified that she could end up hurt.

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“I’m beyond concerned for my daughter,” Splendor says.

“I feel like she’s self-destructing right now, spiraling out of control,” Jeremie adds.

Splendor says Jazmon had a “tough” childhood and got pregnant when she was 17. She claims that when her grandson was 3-months-old, Jazmon met another man and gave up custody of her son to be with her new boyfriend. Jazmon married the new boyfriend and they had a baby girl.

“I finally felt that Jazmon was having a stable, normal life,” Splendor says. “That didn’t last long. Two years later, Jazmon was pregnant again. Five months into her pregnancy, her world fell apart.”

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Splendor says Jazmon lost her child and that’s when things began spiraling out of control. A month later, Splendor says Jazmon met her current boyfriend, Mike, who Splendor claims is physically abusive to her daughter.

“Mike is a bully. He is physically abusive. Jazmon told me that he kicks her, he hits her, he chokes her,” Splendor claims. “Mike is sick, disturbed, psychotic. He is the devil.” Mike claims he is responding in self-defense.

“He’s manipulative and he’s a sociopath,” Jeremie claims. “They’re in such a self-destruct mode that they’re either going to kill each other or they’re going to hurt somebody else.”

On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Jazmon and Mike, who claim they are in love and say Jazmon’s family is too judgmental. Check here to see where you can watch.

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