Pete says that he and Courtney dated for a few weeks until their romance fizzled, and Courtney moved on and started dating another man. He says a month later, Courtney told him she was pregnant and that he was the father.

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“A few weeks after she told me I was the father of her baby, Courtney told me I was not the father. I was super confused,” Pete says. “A few weeks after she told me I was not the baby’s father, Courtney tells me that I am the father of her baby for the second time.”

In the video above, hear what happened next and why Pete says he believes Courtney was never pregnant.

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“She needs some serious help,” Pete says. “You know, you just don’t mess with people like that.”

See what happens that makes Courtney walk off Dr. Phil’s stage. Will she return? This episode airs Monday. Watch more here.

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