Sheri and her husband, Paul, say their 22-year-old twin daughter Sklyer was extremely close to her twin sister growing up, but once they left for college, they claim Skyler became a different person.

“Skyler started hanging out with the wrong crowd,” says Paul, while he says her sister was making the Dean’s list.

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The parents say Skyler -- who claims her parents treat her like the “bad twin”-- has been arrested for three DUIs in two years, has been to rehab three times and has possibly been living a “secret double life” as a “sugar baby”, an accusation she denies.

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In the video above, Dr. Phil has a stern warning for Skyler and her parents about drinking and driving.

He tells Skyler, “By the grace of God, you haven’t killed anybody or yourself. You need to hear me. You need to get this under control right now.”

To Sheri and Paul, who have bailed out their daughter after every DUI, he says, “You ever bail her out of jail again, you’re as guilty as her driving behind that car!”

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Is Skyler willing to take help to get her life back on the right track? Plus, Dr. Phil delivers a message to the family about how they all need to change to help their loved one.

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Wednesday. Watch more here.