Alethea says she feels trapped in a rage-filled relationship with Kevin, her partner of 15 years.

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“Kevin has two different personalities,” says Alethea. She says her relationship with Kevin is like “living with the Incredible Hulk.”

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“He’ll be really loving and giving one day, and then by the next morning, I’ll find him in his office all depressed. If I disturb him, he’ll start screaming at me,” she adds.

“When I get angry it’s really like a match on gasoline, it’s that explosive,” admits Kevin.

He says he knows his rages are out of control and says he’ll do anything to stop hurting Alethea, including leaving her, if that’s what it takes.

“I can’t keep doing this to her,” he says.

Kevin says he believes he knows what might be contributing to his behaviors. Watch Friday’s episode to see what that is.

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