Sixteen-year-old Treasure is African-American and says she aligns herself with a group of people who are “perfect” just like her: Caucasians.

“I’m white. I’m a Caucasian because everything about me is different from an African-American,” the teen says, explaining that she has naturally straight hair that doesn’t require a weave, that her nose is small, and that her lips are the perfect size. “When it comes to black people, I think they’re all ugly, and I have nothing in common with them.”

Treasure continues, explaining why she believes she is white – and better than black people.

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“White people act and think just way more mature than African-Americans. Black people, they think in a criminal way,” she says. “They’re really dangerous. If an African-American is on the same street as I am, I’ll cross the street to avoid their chaotic, thuggish ways.”

The teen says she realizes that a lot of people “take issue” with her beliefs, but she says she has the freedom to say what she wants.

“I believe that I’m completely and utterly better than them,” Treasure says.

In the video above, see what happens when she meets Dr. Phil. And on Wednesday’s episode, will Treasure learn to change her perspective? Check here to see where you can watch.

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