Victoria says she wrote to Dr. Phil for help with what she calls her out-of-control anger. The 19-year-old says when her rage takes over, she yells and screams, throws things and has gotten physical with her fiancé – and she wants to know why she behaves this way.

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“When you're angry, you're at your weakest because you've been victimized, and when you're raging, then it's you're fighting for your life,” Dr. Phil says. “Anger is nothing more than the outward manifestation of hurt, fear or frustration, or some combination of all three.”

As for why people feel these emotions, Dr. Phil says it may be because of pent-up feelings.

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“One way it gets pent up inside is if at some time in your life, early on, you have been victimized. Like, as a child, you've been the subject of physical abuse, sexual molestation, abandonment, emotional abuse -- any of these things where you know that you're being hurt, but you're powerless to fight back,” Dr. Phil continues. “And when that happens, that builds up inside, and it festers, and it festers, and it festers until you get in a situation where you don't have to take it anymore from anybody.”

In the video above, Victoria reveals what she’s been keeping inside, hidden away, that is at the root of her anger.

On Monday’s episode, see what Dr. Phil suggests Victoria do to change her behavior. Check here to see where you can watch.

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