Ryan claims when his online friend, Michelle, passed away from ovarian cancer in July 2016, she left him a diamond ring, an Audi R8, and a personal diary.

He says he’s been waiting to collect his inheritance, but Suzanne, the woman who claims she was Michelle’s “identical twin” and the executor of her estate has so far refused to give it to him. Ryan never met Michelle in person, but he has met Suzanne, who says she’s in love with – and wants to marry him.


Suzanne says she was born “Michelle Suzanne,” and recently petitioned to have her name legally changed to “Suzanne Elizabeth.” She says her “twin” was given the name “Michelle Jacqueline,” at birth. Suzanne claims she’s in control of her sister’s estate and has the Last Will and Testament to prove it.

Dr. Phil notes the document Suzanne has presented as Michelle’s will has multiple potential issues including their names being mixed up.

“Right, but she was also under so much medication,” offers Suzanne, claiming Michelle typed up the will in her final days.

As cracks in Suzanne’s story begin to show, attorney William B. Dawson discusses possible legal issues with Michelle’s will.

“Really, the first issue is, is there a will? There are no formalities, it’s not signed, it’s not witnessed, it’s not notarized, and then there’s the issue of, if it is a will, whose will is it?” asks the prominent lawyer. “And then there’s the question of, if it is a will of Michelle, who’s the executor?”

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