Michelle says if her parents would treat her like an adult, she would have no need to run away.

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The 14-year-old, who says she smoked pot for the first time at 11, started drinking at 13 and has snorted Xanax, admits she runs away when she gets into fights with her parents – and has stayed at her 18-year-old boyfriend, Paul’s, house.

“My most recent runaway was two weeks ago. My dad was being a complete [expletive]. I told him to [expletive] off, and I went with Paul,” Michelle says. “I ran away because my parents won’t really let me see Paul.”

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The teen says she’s in love with Paul and wants to marry him some day. “He’s the sweetest. He’s kind and he supports me so much. He does say he’s in love with me, and I do take his word for it,” she says. “I love him to death.”

On Tuesday's episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Michelle’s parents, and meet Paul. What does he say about violating the law by dating a minor? And on Wednesday, hear about an explosive conversation between Michelle’s dad and Paul. Plus, the drama continues backstage. Check here to see where you can watch.

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'I Think They Treat Me Like A Child And It’s Getting Really Old,' Says 14-Year-Old About Her Parents